The Washington Post – July 24, 2020

In “This $19 Beaujolais is Friendly to All Sorts of Foods,” Dave McIntyre shares this week’s top wine recommendations. Among them: 

MORGANTE Bianco di Morgante Sicilia IGT 2018 – 2 out of 3 stars (Excellent)

“Here’s a novelty – a white wine made from red grapes. Yes, most champagne is made that way, but it is rare for still wines. To make a white wine from red grapes, the winemaker presses the juice off the skins immediately. (Leaving the juice on the skins for a few hours will produce a rosé.) This wine is crisp and bright, with flavors of red currant and spice. It would pair well with seafood salad, but to be honest, this is the type of wine I tend to be quiet about so I can hoard it for myself.”